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Content Marketing: The Most Effective B2B Marketing Tactic

In Forrester's 2016 report, Solid Content – Not Choice of Tactics – Creates a Successful B2B Marketing Mix, B2B marketers ranked Content Marketing as the #1 most effective marketing tactic.

But what is it?

In short, Content Marketing is the process of providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their business challenges.

And it comes in many forms, shapes and sizes...

According to a 2016 Content Marketing Institute study, organizations use the following Content Marketing tactics. And B2B marketers are using it to drive business...

From the same Content Marketing Institute study, companies use Content Marketing to achieve the following organizational goals: Josh Steimle, an author who writes and speaks about marketing, identifies the four steps of the buying cycle as "awareness, research, consideration and buy." He notes that traditional advertising and marketing are great when it comes to the third and fourth steps. Content Marketing, he says, "taps into the first two stages of the buying process by raising awareness of solutions and educating consumers (prospects) about a product they may have never considered before."

Content marketing isn't all new - per se - but many of the channels available to distribute content and engage prospects are.

That is what the buzz is all about; that may be what you are missing.

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