Mouthy Matchup Answers

  1. A kick in the teeth – A grave setback or disappointment, especially a betrayal
  2. A sweet tooth – A craving or strong fondness for sweet foods
  3. Bare your teeth – Display angry or violent intent
  4. Bite off more than you can chew – Take on more work or responsibility than you can handle
  5. Bite someone’s head off – To speak sharply and with great anger to someone
  6. Bite the dust – Fall on your face, fail or die
  7. Bite the hand that feeds you – Deliberately hurt or offend a benefactor
  8. Bite your tongue – Make a desperate effort to avoid saying something
  9. Bite-sized – Very small or short; literally can be eaten in one mouthful
  10. By the skin of your teeth – By a very narrow margin, barely
  11. Fight tooth and nail – Engage in vigorous combat or make a strenuous effort
  12. His bark is worse than his bite – The person’s actions will not be as severe as the things said
  13. Lie through your teeth – Tell an outright lie without remorse
  14. Long in the tooth – Getting on in years, old
  15. Put the bite on – Borrow or extort money from
  16. Scarce as hen’s teeth – Extremely difficult or impossible to find
  17. Set his teeth on edge – Cause someone to feel intense discomfort or irritation
  18. Sink your teeth into it – Perform the task with a great deal of enthusiasm and interest
  19. Take a bite out of – Reduce by a significant amount
  20. With a fine-tooth comb – Searching or investigating in minute detail