The keys to B2B marketing success? Maximizing the value of the relationship. Establishing credibility and earning trust. It’s about “Leadership.”

B2B prospects want to do business with leaders – or aspiring leaders.

For more than 25 years, BTC people have bolstered the leadership positions of multi-national giants such as Xerox Corporation, BASF, Motorola and Severn Trent Services.

We’ve created and nurtured leadership positions for smaller, but aggressive, companies such as Philadelphia Scientific, Westfalia Technologies and Environmental Resources Management.

We understand that leadership isn’t just talking the talk; it’s walking the walk – and motivating others to follow.

  • Technology companies

  • Industrial manufacturers

  • Professional services firms

  • Chemical manufacturers

  • Telecommunications providers and vendors

  • Environmental services companies

  • Materials handling and logistics companies

Mission & Causes

Getting the word out is not a strategic objective (at least not a good one).

BTC is a firm committed to working with organizations that are having a positive impact in the community – we set goals, define objectives, identify target audiences and create and execute smart, cost-effective programming.

BTC professionals have deep experience shaping and telling mission-driven stories for mission-minded organizations…like yours!

  • Health and human services

  • Civic causes

  • Educational institutions

  • Faith-based initiatives

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Arts and culture organizations


Getting people to ‘look and book’ is our specialty.

From boutique hotels to acclaimed resorts, our track record for putting heads on beds is more than impressive, to say the least. No one has a better grasp of the industry.

Whether it’s group, leisure, food and beverage or amenities such as dining, spa, golf, marina, fitness, and hunting, our experience is second to none. Weddings, reunions, meetings, executive retreats?

We know how to make them both meaningful and memorable. And don’t forget professional and charitable golf events.


  • Boutique hotels and global resorts

  • Restaurants of most any cuisine and world-class spas

  • Golf courses and upscale residential

  • Convention & visitors Bureaus

  • Senior living communities

  • Environmental services companies

  • Top sporting events

Senior Living

We’re not getting any younger – or are we?

The golden years aren’t what they used to be. Today’s age 70 is yesterday’s 50. Senior communities face much greater obstacles marketing to prospects and families as well as their employees and current residents.

To drive occupancy rates, prospects’ high expectations must be met. This requires marketing-driven events and retail-style experiences that reflect their ideal lifestyle. Effective branding can make it happen.

BTC has specialized in this sector for decades; our industry insights and active involvement has kept us ahead of the curve. The strategies we employ depend on the individual client’s niche…a top builder of exquisite custom homes; a leading global provider of food and environmental services for senior living communities; a lively, regional retirement community; or an independent, luxury resort.


  • Satisfied residents are the best spokespersons.

  • Emotionally connected employees result in retention

  • Prospects believe what you promise

  • Life plan communities

  • 50+ active living communities

  • Global providers of senior hospitality services

  • Luxury hospitality marketing


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  • Early Education Centers

  • K-12

  • Public Schools

  • Private & Charter Schools

  • Catholic Schools

  • Secondary Education

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Adult Education