Plant-Based Menus

The trend toward plant-based diets will grow rapidly in 2020 after years of research to make flavorful meat substitutes. Many restaurants will have a dedicated menu for plant-based food items.

Levantine Cuisine

Levantine cuisine, including Israeli, Turkish and Lebanese, is predicted as the most influential style for menus in 2020, according to nearly 40% of chefs surveyed.

Healthy Snacks

The potato chip may meet its match in 2020, as healthier snack options with ingredients like chickpeas, beets, quinoa and kale enter the market.

Unique Fruit Flavors

Beverage menus are moving beyond traditional fruits, highlighting the unusual flavors of prickly pear, dragon fruit, bergamot orange, calamansi, citron, makrut lime, pomelo, Meyer lemon, yuzu, ugli fruit and blood orange.

Oat Milk

Oat milk has joined almond and soy milk as another option for those seeking a dairy alternative, and many cafes already are using it exclusively.

Bright Colors

Color generates emotional appeal with food, some say just as much as taste. And in a world of social media food porn, adding color to a dish can help make it a little more Instagram-friendly.

Cocktail Trends

Grilled, roasted and fire-blasted fruits will show up as ingredients in cocktails. Whisky highballs will grow in popularity – a trend largely driven by the popularity of lighter Japanese whiskies. 2020 will also be the year of spiked seltzers and the return of the Paloma.

Non-Alcoholic Experimentation

Botanical-infused non-alcoholic sparkling drinks will be on many menus, as alcohol-free spirits and teas with exotic fruit flavors like guanabana, lulo and passionfruit.


Ingredients with sour flavors, such as rhubarb, tamarind and vinegar will grow in popularity, with nearly 23% of chefs selecting sour as their favorite experimental flavor.


More gluten-free options in traditionally carb-centric dishes like pasta and breads, using almond flour, rice flour and guargum (guar bean extract).

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods with gut-healthy probiotics are growing in popularity with tempeh, pickled vegetables, infused vinegars and fermented dairy products popping up on more menus.


Jackfruit, a popular substitute for barbecue pulled pork because of its similar texture, iron, calcium and B vitamins, will become a force in the food industry as a meat alternative.


Mezcal will continue to dominate as a spirit of choice in 2020.

CBD Products

Coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants are incorporating CBD oil into their dining menus. CBD-infused drinks also are quickly gaining momentum in the beverage market.

Vegan Desserts

Think lemon tarts made with cashews, coconut and lemon zest or vegan chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.

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