Have any ads or marketing campaigns captured your attention during this pandemic?

Humor always wins with me. My favorite so far is the 93-year old woman holding a can of Coors Light and a sign inside her storm door saying “need more beer.” The social post went viral and a local Coors distributor came to the rescue with 10 cases of beer! #coulduseabeer


From a brand standpoint, Peloton has done a tremendous job and is one of few retailers thriving during this situation. Obviously, exercising from home is a necessity now, but I love how they positioned the product. More important than buying a high-end exercise bike, you are now part of an exercise community 2MM strong, seeing and challenging each other each and every day.


What have you learned during this time?

Professionally and personally, I have learned to slow down. I have a type A personality and have to be moving or doing something. Slowing down has allowed me to be more reflective while making decisions, also realizing at this point in my career that I really do not have all the answers. Leading a small business during this challenging period is a balancing act that needs to be more thoughtful and less salesy. The same lesson is true with my family, where it’s more about being present in the moments and cherishing the time we have together. I am also a creature of routine. Breaking up my routine and trying new things and different ways of accomplishing tasks is refreshing. This will also be a big part of my post-pandemic life.


More take out or cook in?

I would give the slight edge to take out. As a small business owner, it might be surprising I really never felt connected to other small businesses who happened to be in retail. But that has certainly changed because of the virus. Our family spends half of our time together talking about meal schedules and what we are going to eat all week. We feel it is very important to order out a couple times a week and support our local businesses. It’s also the first time I have ever seen my 19-year old son in the kitchen cooking—not using something called a microwave. His chicken parm is pretty good!