ETHOS Treatment

Ditch the DIY When Switching from Startup to Growth Phase

Like all startups, Ethos Treatment sought to keep costs low until it became reliably profitable. A do-it-yourself website and flyers sufficed for the first few years. By 2022, the fast-growing provider of Intensive Outpatient Programs addressing mental health and substance use issues had five locations and two more in development. Ethos turned to BTC for a more professional website and materials and found a marketing partner that could support its rapid expansion.

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As a company founded by therapists, we are great with our words in the moment, but not when it comes to capturing in a succinct way what we do for clients. BTC was able to provide a clear vision for the artwork and language for the website and collateral to make sure our future clients know what they will be getting at ETHOS!

A. Michael Blanche

Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

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