Our client was a David among Goliaths in the electrical supplies marketplace. BTC made his company look large and strong enough to compete with the giants.

How did a mom-n-pop store mostly serving local electricians and small contractors quickly become a regional business serving major institutions, large construction companies and contractors?

The journey started when Craig Williams, a veteran entrepreneur in the construction industry, purchased Harboc Electric Supply, intending to rename it American Power Electrical Supply and grow it into a regional powerhouse with his business partner, Seth Richards.

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What the owner envisioned

Williams, who is African American, had a vision built on leveraging his own entrepreneurial savvy, Richards’ deep experience in the electrical supply business, and certifications as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

Having built other businesses, Williams knew he could reel in and retain customers with ethical practices, attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction. But first, those potential customers needed to become aware of American Power, feel an affinity for the brand and form a positive first impression of the company as a legitimate contender.

Williams understood the role of branding, messaging and marketing in creating the know, like and trust factors that turn a prospect into a solid lead ready to have a sales conversation. He found BTC during his search for a firm that could partner with him to turn his ideas into a logo and a website, as well as digital and print marketing materials.

BTC made owner’s vision a reality

Among his many side passions and pursuits, Williams is a writer and an artist. This Renaissance man fully appreciates the power of words and images to capture attention and engage an audience. So right from the start, we had the makings of a great collaboration. Williams brought the inspiring vision for his company and BTC brought the writers, designers and technical expertise to make his vision a reality.

A self-made success, Williams is both a believer in and example of the American Dream. Starting with the name American Power, he wanted to infuse his brand with patriotism. He wanted an American flag red, white and blue color scheme. He had sketched a rough logo concept incorporating an eagle and, in a nod to Benjamin Franklin, a lightning bolt.

Most of all, Williams told us, he needed BTC to convey to his audience that American Power is a company on par with the largest electrical suppliers in the region: professional, capable and committed to excellence. We accomplished that with a boldly confident logo design, an invitingly simple website, and professionally polished materials that our client — and BTC — are proud to display alongside any competitor.