Today’s marketing is full of innocuous claims. “Our product is faster, more powerful, more beautiful, more efficient.” What really matters to product purchasers is that the company they’re purchasing from is a trusted and reliable partner – able to help their company solve problems and drive sales.

BTC helped industrial battery maintenance tool provider Philadelphia Scientific launch “The Lean Battery Room.” The campaign didn’t focus on comparing the company’s battery management and battery watering systems with competitive products. Instead, BTC helped position Philadelphia Scientific as “The Lean Battery Room Experts”: the only business partner that understood how to eliminate waste in the battery room – “the last frontier for Lean implementation in the warehouse and distribution center.” This positioning focused customers’ attention not on minute product differences, but on Philadelphia Scientific’s thought leadership and educating customers on how they can achieve significant savings in their battery rooms.

“The Lean Battery Room” campaign not only positioned Philadelphia Scientific as an industry leader and cut through the clutter of “me-too” product claims; it also generated regular interest from trade editors in speaking with company representatives for feature articles. With the company touting its thought leadership, editors knew their interviews wouldn’t be filled with debatable product claims – but would contain valuable content their readers could use.

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