Many hospitality, travel and food organizations and consultants recently released their 2019 trends. We at BTC have scoured these predictions and have compiled our own “Top Trends in Travel, Hospitality, Food and Weddings in 2019.”


Travel Trends


1. New destination inspiration

Travelers will be exploring the places of their personal ancestry, which they found via DNA kits. And, kids are taking a more active role in choosing where to go and what to do. Some kids are getting ideas from social media influencers, hoping to have fun, emulate favorites and/or impress peers.

2. Socially and eco-conscious travel

Travelers are using car rentals as a way to try out electric vehicles. They are avoiding single-use plastic, too. And they are considering human rights, fair trade, working conditions and environmental concerns when deciding where to book. LGTBQ friendliness is also a factor many will consider.

3. Self-improvement

Representing a new type of currency and means of personal fulfillment, 2019 will see a focus on travelers making choices with extra significance as they look to add more purpose to their trips – learning new skills (not just knowledge) and volunteering while traveling (e.g. the Appren-trip).

4. Short trips/micro vacations

Improvements in flight routes, transportation, on-demand car rentals and accommodations mean people can take more weekends as micro-holidays. (Good news for all you workaholics – huh?)

5. “Bleisure”

Yeah – it’s a silly name, but it’s a real thing. Younger adult travelers are mixing or extending business trips with recreation and vacations.

6. Authenticity

Travelers are focusing on good service and authentic interaction during their travels – not the hotel’s technology and novelties. It’s less about museums and ancient and past cultures than interacting with locals. And, when planning activities, experiences are more important than materialism.

7. Convenience-based innovation

Technological innovation is still important to travelers when it makes things easier, like keyless entry via phone, personalized travel tips and robot concierges who can speak in different languages.

8. Last minute travel

It’s the age of the procrastinating traveler. Among luxury travelers, bookings are made an average of 5 days before the stay.

9. Wellness trips

Think “Painmoon”: It’s like a honeymoon or babymoon, but it’s about getting over a loss or period of stress or bad health. Basically, it’s a post-bad thing wellness trip. Momcations will also increase, involving a trip to take a short break from child-rearing to recharge batteries. And consider Nature Immersion Getaways, Preventative Wellness, Active Lifestyle Retreats, Divorce Retreats, Tough & Transformative Wellness, Menopause Retreats, the New Middle-aged Man Trip, Fertility Trips, Sugar Detox, Sleep Performance Trips and Silence Retreats. And there’s plenty more!

10. Joy and wonder

Travelers are looking for venues with lighting unspoiled by urban lighting (i.e., dark, non-light- polluted skies). Two-fifths of travelers are interested in destinations that make them feel like a kid again. And. playful touches like adult-friendly ball pits and bouncy castles will become popular.


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