The Big Trend: The Millennials Are Here

As Millennials start to out-spend boomers, the typical hotel experience will change. Mobile devices will be millennials’ sole point of communication with the hotels they use: for check-in, for ordering food, requesting more towels or getting directions to the fitness center. 

And as Millennials begin to take over the travel marketplace, they are bringing their environmental responsibility with them.

Flights Are Out

Many travelers are concerned about the environmental impact of air-travel, and are opting for other modes of transportation, such as trains, and are choosing destinations closer to home.

Second City Travel

Over-tourism is a concern for many travelers. Half of all travelers report that they would rethink their travel plans and go to a lesser known, but similar destination if they knew it would leave less of an environmental impact.

Green Hotels

Many travelers are thinking about their environmental impact and are specifically looking for hotels that are environmentally responsible. Carbon-offsetting is also a plus.

Vegan Hotels

While the number of hotels offering wool-, silk-, leather- and feather-free rooms and only plant-based food is currently tiny, vegan hotels are expected to grow in number as Millennials (15% vegan) begin to dominate the marketplace.


Across almost all industries, the need for personalization is a major trend, driven by the rise of big data. A growing number of hotel guests want to be treated as individuals. Within hotels, for instance, returning customers can be automatically provided with similar services to last time they stayed.

Virtual Reality

Hotels might use VR technology as part of their booking processes, allowing users to experience a highly realistic digital version of their hotel rooms before booking. Meanwhile, travel agents can use virtual tours of tourist attractions to sell holidays.


With long flights going out of fashion, some former jet-setters who loved far-flung spots are shortening the distance travelled and the duration of their vacations, but taking more of them.

Slower Methods of Travel

Almost half of travelers are planning to take slower modes of transport to not only reduce their environmental impact, but also to enjoy the journey itself.

Women-Only Trips

Women-only tours and trips are growing in popularity, and many of these travelers are interested in supporting other women by choosing to have female guides and patronizing female-owned businesses.

Foodie Based

With help of apps like Yelp and Tripadvisor, travelers are choosing destinations based in part on specific restaurants they’ll enjoy.

Biking and Hiking Tours

Hiking and biking trips through beautiful countryside in the US, Taiwan, Ireland or any number of gorgeous spots are increasing in popularity.

Nature and Wellness Vacations

The trend of people seeking physical and spiritual wellness by reconnecting with nature is still going strong!


Multi-generational trips with grandparents, parents and kids remain popular.


With more pet owners wanting to bring their furry friends on vacation, more hotels are offering pet-specific amenities, including doggie spas and pet room service menus.


Digital detoxing is appealing to many and these pioneers are seeking out analog adventures. Think tiny houses, tech-free hiking and micro hotels.

Ancestry Travel

People are continuing to use the results of their home DNA kits to inspire their travel destination choices.

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