Fact: Quality email lists and direct mail programs are more effective than ever in helping hotels and resorts maximize room nights. With laser-like focus, you can target prospects by age, income, geography and a variety of personal inclinations such as likelihood to travel and preference for luxury vs. family accommodations.

Once you have defined your desired selects, we recommend you offer an incentive or appealing package to capture your prospects’ attention: An offer or gift that showcases your brand or property’s unique qualities. Amenities that would attract families during spring break. And, don’t underestimate the power of your food and beverage offerings. Many travelers don’t “eat to live”. They “live to eat.”

With the right message, offer and timing, expect the phone to ring.

Lastly – our best practices recommend doing a follow-up eblast about 5-7 days after the original communication to maximize ROI.

The cost for a well-defined prospect list and fulfillment? Around $1,500 for up to 15,000 prospects.

Results? A recent campaign BTC executed for a hospitality client yielded a 10-1 ROI.

Are you taking advantage today’s prospect email lists? If not, now is the time to consider cranking up your marketing efforts before the spring/summer travel season. Contact BTC, and we’ll help you get started.