We recently talked with Joseph Latino, President of Allergy Technologies, manufacturers of ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners, about what he’s been learning and thinking about during the pandemic.


What changes do you expect to see in the business world after COVID-19?

In terms of marketing — or rather effective marketing — everything is going to change. The sales funnel will look different, the number and type of touches will change. We’ll need to beta test everything. Where we are is where we are and where we’re exactly going remains to be determined, aside from forward. No one is prescient enough to see quite where that will be, but we’ve built this company to be dynamic. We’ll keep what works and cast aside what doesn’t. We’ll be trying out new things and learning day by day.


How has working at home been for you?

When I’m not actually on the clock, it’s been like a protracted staycation. There’s 1,000 things to do around the house. I’m improving my gardening and loving the results. And I get to enjoy my home and family more. Many people work hard to build a comfortable life for themselves. That journey can be great in itself, but it’s nice to have this extra time to appreciate the destination, too.

How is your dog faring with everyone home all the time?

Drago is enjoying all the attention at home, but there is a price to pay. He is becoming a very needy dog. He has become so accustomed to having family around that when people leave, his expression is so sad. I never thought of a high-maintenance Rottie, but we’ve created one!

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Have you learned anything new about your company, Allergy Technologies?

This disease has really brought many societal issues to the forefront. I’m very impressed how proactive our company’s founder has always been, latching onto and addressing real concerns over our social fabric. The latest example is being proactive in getting business leaders and politicians to understand how pest control is a public health issue. Pests can be particularly problematic for vulnerable people in shelters and affordable housing. Everyone deserves to live in a healthy environment. And our company can truly make a difference.


You like to cook. If 2020 were a recipe, which would it be?

Goulash. It’s a mish mosh of ingredients. With COVID-19, 2020 has thrown a little bit of everything at us.